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FIS joins forces with Colmar, Craft and Sun Valley as Official Apparel Partners

Mar 21, 2024·Inside FIS
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FIS is pleased to announce that it has established new partnerships with three different winter sport apparel companies who will serve as the FIS Official Apparel Partners for the seasons 2024-25 and 2025-26.

Under the new agreements, the three companies will provide clothing for the more than 250 FIS officials and professionals supporting the organization of the FIS World Cups, FIS World Ski Championships and the Olympic Winter Games. Each of the providers comes with deep roots in their partner disciplines.

Colmar is partnering with FIS to provide apparel for the technical Alpine staff in addition to the FIS corporate employees and FIS Council.

Craft will provide the clothing for the three Olympic FIS Nordic Disciplines, which includes the officials in Cross-Country Skiing, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined.

The third apparel partner is Sun Valley, providing the apparel for the Freestyle Skiing, Freeski and Snowboard officials.

“We could not be happier to welcome Colmar, Craft and Sun Valley to the FIS Family,” said Michel Vion FIS Secretary General. “Each of our disciplines has a unique DNA and identity and the three brands are the perfect fit for our diverse disciplines and needs.”

About Colmar
Any fan of Alpine Skiing is familiar with the Colmar brand. The Italian-based, family-run company has made its mark on the sport for the last fourth generations celebrating in 2023 its 100-year anniversary. Top stars of today and past seasons have been brand ambassadors starting from early ‘50’s. Thanks to their years of experience in Alpine Skiing, Colmar produces not only some of the most fashionable outdoor clothing in the industry, but also the most functional for every weather condition.

“Throughout the decades, Colmar has stayed on the cutting edge of the outdoor apparel industry, mixing fashion with functionality, while staying on top of the latest trends with increasingly technical fabrics. Receiving input directly from the FIS professionals who push every piece of apparel to the limit during any given season will only further the research and development capabilities of Colmar,” said Peter Gerdol, Chief FIS Race Director.

“We are pleased to put our experience and knowledge of the winter world in service for FIS.

From the very beginning we’ve worked with many ski nations, and we’ve always learned a lot being in direct contact with trainers, athletes and managers of this amazing world that is winter sport. We are sure that this partnership with FIS is going to be another fantastic adventure” said Colmar President, Mario Colombo.

About Craft
Swedish sportswear manufacturer Craft is no stranger to FIS and its Nordic disciplines. The brand was previously a Premium Sponsor of the FIS Tour de Ski and has collaborated with FIS on many levels over the last two decades. Craft is best known as the world-leading manufacturer of Cross-Country Skiing apparel. Its products meet the needs of Nordic enthusiasts, being both light and flexible, while keeping athletes and officials warm in the harsh Nordic winter conditions.

“We are thrilled to further develop the long-term partnership between Craft and FIS,” said Michal Lamplot, FIS Cross Country Race Director. “Craft was one of the founding partners of the FIS Tour de Ski and thanks to their vision and commitment years ago, Cross-Country Skiing has one of the most anticipated highlight events in winter sports. It is this ingenuity that makes them an ideal partner for FIS.”

“We are rooted in the Scandinavian experience, and performing in any conditions is in our DNA, said Stefan Persson, CEO of Craft Sportswear. Our heritage has taught us how to design cutting-edge technical garments that help athletes face the elements to reach the top of the podium. As a brand, we welcome the opportunity to partner with FIS to keep breaking barriers together and help the sport grow.”

About Sun Valley
The French brand Sun Valley was created in the early 80s in Marseille by Edouard Terzibachian, a Mogul Skiing enthusiast. His brother Gilles joined him in this adventure. In the ensuing 40 years, Sun Valley, wrote a great family story, and became deeply integrated with Freeride and Mountaineering, while maintaining its roots within Freestyle Skiing. The company’s clothing lines quickly became a major player in the French market with its ski suits easily recognizable by both their quality and a distinct, innovative style featuring bright colors.

“It was important for us that we partner with a brand that has its roots in the Freestyle, Freeski and Snowboard community,” said Oliver Kraus, FIS Commercial & Global Partnership Director. “Sun Valley’s commitment to remaining individually unique, while continually expanding to meet the needs of emerging markets, makes them the ideal partner for FIS.”

"We proudly can say that Sun Valley is a passionate brand, made by skiers for skiers", said Edouard Terzibachian, Sun Valley CEO. "We are very pleased to begin this new partnership between FIS and Sun Valley."