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Bad Mitterndorf

Aug 31, 2018·Ski Jumping
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Already in about 1910 first ski jumping pioneers made their first experiences on a jumping hill at the Kulm. In about 1925 ski jumping at Mitterndorf was flowering and the first real ski jumping hill construction was made, later after further conversions jumps were about 60 m long.

Since the atmosphere for ski jumping was good after World War II, the ski flying hill at the Kulm at the end of Bad Mitterndorf in direction of Tauplitz in the Styric part of the Salzkammergut was built. Up until today it is the only of the six ski flying hills which has a totally natural inrun.

At the beginning the critical Point was at 100 meters, but of ourse the ski jump was converted and enlarged over the years.

In 1975 the first wind net was installed to protect the ski jumpers which was enlarged in 1985 on a height of 25 m. Measured side-winds of 8 m/s could be reduced with it to approximately 2.5 m/s. A fundamental conversion of the flying hill took place in 1984/85 and today it has a K-Point of 185 m.

World Championships and Ski Flying World Cup competitions have a long tradition on this ski jump and the “fascination of ski flying” is a great international sports event at the Kulm.

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