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Prevc, Kraft and Huber excel at the Final in Planica

Mar 24, 2024·Ski Jumping
Stefan Kraft and Daniel Huber
Stefan Kraft and Daniel Huber
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc

The three exceptional athletes Peter Prevc, Stefan Kraft and Daniel Huber ensured a grand finale to the 2023/24 ski jumping season in Planica (SLO).

Prevc celebrated his last competition in front of 20,000 enthusiastic spectators.

Kraft confidently won the overall World Cup and Daniel Huber snatched the Ski Flying World Cup from his buddy Kraft with a breathtaking flight show on the home straight.

Daniel Huber's performance in the last competition of the season was absolutely outstanding.

Huber won the last competition of the winter, the final of the best 30 athletes of the season, with a lead of 43.3 points over Domen Prevc and almost 50 points over the third-placed Pole Aleksander Zniszczol.

Huber was in a class of his own on this Sunday in Planica.

With his outstanding success, Huber also managed to overtake Stefan Kraft, who was leading before the last competition (4th place today), by a whole 3 points in the overall ranking of the Ski Flying World Cup.

And, as the icing on the cake, Huber also won the Planica/7 overall ranking and the associated winner's cheque of 20,000 Swiss francs.

"It's unbelievable, today was another perfect day. The last few weeks have been really brilliant, and today at the award ceremony I had a tear or two in my eye. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this success, simply everyone. It's hard to put into words what has just happened here," explained the overwhelmed one-day and Ski Flying World Cup winner Daniel Huber.
Final standing Ski Flying Worldcup

It was Huber's third World Cup victory overall, the last one having come exactly one week ago at the RAW AIR final on the Vikersund flying hill.
Planica Sunday - official result

Overall World Cup winner Stefan Kraft explained: "What else can I say about this winter. Ok, the fact that I lost the ski flying globe by 3 points today makes the athlete's heart ache a little. But if anyone can snatch the ball from under my nose, then it's Hubi (Daniel Huber). Daniel deserved it today, he flew incredibly well here, I can't blame myself, I fought, but Domen and Aleksander were also incredibly strong today. It was an incredible winter for me and I'm very proud to have won the overall World Cup."

This is Kraft's third victory in the overall World Cup after 2016/17 and 2019/20.

Piotr Zyla went into the summer break with a strong 5th place, directly behind him Peter Prevc ended his great career in 6th place. Prevc provided the most emotional moments this weekend in Planica.

The three Norwegians Robert Johansson, Johann Andre Forfang and Marius Lindvik finished in 7th, 8th and 9th place to ensure a conciliatory end to the season for the Norwegians.

As on Friday, Pius Paschke was the best German athlete in 13th place, with Andreas Wellinger right behind him in 14th.

Erik Belshaw (USA) ended his magnificent season in 17th place, while the Italian Alex Insam can also be very satisfied with 18th place and 27th place in the overall World Cup.

Overall Ski Jumping World Cup final results 2023/2024

Austria confidently wins the Nations Cup

The outstanding victory of the Austrian team had already been clear for a few days. Andreas Widhoelzl's team delivered an impressive performance this winter.
Final result Nations Cup

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