International Volunteer Day

Today is the International Volunteers Day, and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all the helpers for their engagement in alpine skiing.

They are the foundation of every ski club and every event all over the World. Without those unsung heroes, who sacrifice their time-off to help realize projects in alpine skiing, it would be hardly impossible to hold FIS, Continental Cup or even World Cup races.

Following this example, Molly and Norman Gill set up Sheffield Sharks Ski Club in the 1980s and continue to help train the next generation of skiers. Their engagement on the slopes of Castleford was rewarded with a win as the BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero. Learn more about them here: Molly and Norman Gill

If you are dealing with volunteers in your club or your event, show them how much their work is recognised and appreciated, because they are the ones who make our sport happen.

Dear volunteers, THANK YOU for your service!