River Radamus is gold also in giant slalom

River Radamus confirms himself as the top athlete of the Fis Alpine Junior World Ski Championships in Val di Fassa and, after the title won in SuperG on La VolatA slope at Passo San Pellegrino, he wins again on the Aloch of Pozza di Fassa, gold medal also in the giant slalom proceding the Italian Tobias Kastlunger and the Belgian Sam Maes.

The American, who also won the silver medal in the team event and ranked fourth in the alpine combined, fulfilled the expectations and closed the first run with the best time, a hundredth of a margin over the big favourite, the Norwegian Lucas Braathen, with Tobias Kastlunger (bib number 15) third by surprise at 0"77 from the leader, followed by the French Leo Anguenot and the Belgian Sam Maes, both fourth at 0"80.
The second run was very exciting and interesting, with Maes taking the lead, putting pressure on his opponents, but not the Italian Tobias Kastlunger who gave her best in the most important day of his career, whose performance leaded it to the leader’s corner. The Norwegian Lucas Braathen, who before falling had a 1"15 lead over Kastlunger, went off the track and secured the bronze medal for Maes, who gave his nation its first individual medal at a Junior World Ski Championshisp after the team medal (also bronze) won in the Team Event at Aare 2017.

The Fis Alpine Junior World Ski Championships 2019 title in giant slalom went to Radamus, whose second run completed her magnificent first heat, finishing in first place 84 cents ahead of Kastlunger and 93 cents ahead of Maes. "It was a fantastic race, with a wonderful cheering and a wonderful track - explained Radamus at the end of the race - This is my third Junior World Ski Championships: the first year in Aare came the silver in the combined, last year in Davos the silver in SuperG, today I find myself with two golds and a silver around my neck. It's just fantastic. I realized that Braathen was off the track from the roar of the public, but I didn't have time to realize everything. Even though I had a good lead, I knew that it would take a little to get off the podium. I pushed without exaggerating and enjoyed this fantastic title at the finish".
Tomorrow, Tuesday February 26, at 9.30 am, the last race of the men's schedule of the  Fis Alpine Junior World Ski Championships 2019 (the slalom) will start, with the second run at 1.00 pm. The race will be broadcasted live on Eurosport (Europe, Asia and Pacific), Orf (Austria), NBC (United States), CBC (Canada), Poverknost Circuit (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine) and streaming on the Olympic Channel platform (www.olympicchannel.com).

At the top of the list of favorites is the Italian Alex Vinatzer, silver medalist last year in Davos, where he was preceded by the French Clement Noel. Other candidates for the title include Norwegian son of art Atle Lie McGrath, American Benjamin Ritchie, who set the best time in the team event, 21-year-old Czech skier Jan Zabystran and Swedish Carl Jonsson, to name a few.

Returning to today, the first timed ladies’ downhill training took place on La VolatA slope at Passo San Pellegrino, which on Wednesday morning will close the  Fis Alpine Junior World Ski Championships Val di Fassa 2019. The best time was set by the Austrian Johanna Greber (1'24"16), who preceded by 1"37 the Swiss Juliana Suter and by 1"40 the French Camille Cerutti, followed by the American Keely Cashman (fourth at 1"53) and the other Austrian Lisa Grill (fifth at 1"55).