First World Cup win for Natalia Nepryaeva

Norwegian distance specialist, Ingvild Flugstad Østberg had her eyes all set for another victory during the legendary Tour de Ski. She sets out into the Tour de Ski with a possible 5th win of a stage during different seasons. 

Østbergs plans were turned upside down by Russian Natalia Nepryaeva who finished at 23:19.9. Nepryaeva set out for gold and led throughout the race 2 seconds before Østberg. On the last downhill leading into the stadium, Natalia went all in and managed to stay ahead, 0.3 seconds before Østberg.

Anastasia Sedova from Russia completes the podium on the third spot, +10.9 seconds behind her team colleague.

"I am full of emotions and I can not believe. I am so happy to be here" Natalia Nepryaeva