Swedish national team is in Bruksvallarna
Photo: NordicFocus

From 23rd - 30th October the Swedish national Cross-Country team is training in Bruksvallarna.

Due to the poor snow situation in the Alps, the Swedish national team had to change plans and spent a week on the home snow in Bruksvallarna. But even the Swedish mountains have had challenges with the snowfall after the warm autumn. 

"The camp was initially supposed to start on Monday, but in order to give Bruksvallarna extra time to work with the tracks, we started on Tuesday. Bruksvallarna has done a great job to bring together enough snow to enable us to carry out a good camp. We really appreciate it,"  team manager Rikard Grip said.

Ladies coach Magnus Ingesson underlines that it's the snow that's the most important factor in the camp. 
"It's snow we're going to compete on in the winter and we want a continuity of skiing and do not start it first in November," Magnus says, saying that the main focus of the camp was technique.  "In the past seasons, we have worked a lot with anaerobic work, now have to focus more on skiing. We will also run two tougher race passes at the camp," Ingesson said.