Bjoergen and Krogh won Oslo Ski Show 2017

Marit Bjørgen and Finn Hågen Krogh won Oslo Ski Show at Holmenkollen on Saturday, 10th June.

Marit Bjørgen won the women's category in a dominant style. She won the prologue 8seconds ahead of  Ragnhild Haga. In the final she took the victory 12.70 seconds ahead of Haga. Just behind came Kathrine Harsem and Krista Pärmäkoski.

Krogh decided at the end
22-year old youngster Gjøran Tefre surprised everybody as he won the prologue ahead of the whole Norwegian men's national cross-country team, and then fought his way into a strong third place in the final. Finn-Hågen Krogh took the victory as Martin Johnsrud Sundby finished in second place.