Bjoergen wins 6th Holmenkollen & Finn's go 2-3

(Oslo, Norway) - After the starters gun sounded, Marit Bjoergen of Norway left little doubt as to who would win the ladies’ 2017 Holmenkollen 30 km classic mass start competition. Bjoergen was up by over 20 seconds by the 5 km mark of the competition and never looked back winning by +2:05.8 ahead of Finland’s Krista Parmakoski in second and in third another Finn Kerttu Niskanen +2:07 behind. It marks the first time that two female athletes from Finland have shared a World Cup podium since 2009. Parmakoski and Niskanen came to the finish with the main chasing group behind Bjoergen which also contained Overall World Cup leader Heidi Weng (NOR) in 4th, Charlotte Kalla (SWE) in 5th, Justyna Kowalczyk (POL) 6th and Aino-Kaisa Saarinen (FIN) in 7th.

Competition FACTS 

  • Bjoergen becomes first athlete to win 30 km at WSC and Holmenkollen 30 km one week later. Bjoergen has completed the double before but those were two weeks apart each time.
  • First Holmenkollen podium for Parmakoski, following first ever sprint podium in Drammen.
  • Second podium for Niskanen at Holmenkollen. First came in 2014.
  • Possibly first siblings (Niskanen’s) to podium on same Holmenkollen weekend?
  • 10 different nations in the top 20 - NOR, SWE, FIN, POL, SUI, GER, AUT, RUS, JPN, USA



Kerttu Niskanen FIN
I had a really tough start to the season and it was never my plan that my shape was going up throughout the season. It was a difficult season. In the summer I believed that I can start the season on the podium. Now I am really happy that I am here in this position and the feeling is getting better and better. Holmenkollen is my favourite place to compete.

I tried to ski fast today but Marit’s pace was so high I wasn’t able to be close to her. It was nice for Finnish girls. We had three in the chasing group and we spoke with each often.

Krista Parmakoski FIN
Today I was feeling tired from Drammen. It was a good sprint for me and I am so happy to also have a podium here in Holmenkollen. Both are firsts for me in my career.

On the last lap today I didn’t feel that I have good energy anymore. But I saw that I was still in the group. I remembered on the final hill which was the sprint uphill at the World Championships that this was the time to go.

Lahti was my main goal this season but I see that I am still in good shape and my overall position in the standings is good so I will go to Quebec and have a good fight there.

Marit Bjoergen NOR
I was more relaxed today than in Lahti. It was a different morning. I woke up with my son today and played with him. My plan was always to go fast from the beginning if my body felt good and it did.

I kept pushing the whole race even though I had an early lead but I did look from my son as I was coming to the finish but I didn’t see him.

I was tired after Lahti WSC and my motivation wasn’t so high. It was nice to just be at home with my son. But it’s Holmenkollen and it’s easy to get motivated for.


OFFICIAL RESULTS - Holmenkollen 30 km C

1. Bjoergen Marit NOR 1:22:59.2
2. Parmakoski Krista FIN +2:05.8
3. Niskanen Kerttu FIN +2:07.0
4. Weng Heidi NOR +2:08.8
5. Kalla Charlotte SWE +2:11.7



1. Weng Heidi NOR 1746 pts
2. Parmakoski Krista FIN 1446 pts (-300)
3. Oestberg Ingvild Flugstad NOR 1352 pts (-394)




1. Weng Heidi NOR 859 pts
2. Bjoergen Marit NOR 754 pts (-105)
3. Parmakoski Krista FIN 734 pts (-125)