The city of Drammen was founded in 1811 as the two towns of Strømsø and Bragernes were united. The city shield was originally created in 1715. It says "In fide et justitia fortitudo" (From faith and justice comes strength). The old part of the city hall was sketched by Nils S. Eckhoff and was built in 1871.

Drammen is located in the county of Buskerud, 40 kilometers and 30 minutes south-west of Oslo. The fjord and the river have been the basis of existence for the inhabitants of Drammen for many centuries. An excellent salmon river with pleasure cruising, nice beaches and idyllic sea fronts that is Drammen.

The city of Drammen has 60 000 inhabitants and is the regional center for Buskerud with 230000 inhabitants. The city is only 42 kilometres west of Oslo and offers good motorway and rail connections to Oslo and Oslo airport Gardermoen. For more information see. Organizer of the World Cup Drammen  is the Konnerud Sports Club which is is 80 years old and is the largest and most active ski-club in the Buskerud region.


The course starts at the Market place, City center of Drammen. It rises up the lawns around the Bragernes Cathedral, descends between the historic City Hall and the old Fire Station, through the Market place, around the fountain and statue commemorating Saint Hallvard, where it climbs to the finish line in front of the Cathedral stairway.

Pictures, profile and map are available on the web site. Elevation 3 - 28 meter above sea level. Our ski-stadium at Konnerud, approx 180 meter above sea level, 7 km from the city-centre, is open for training beginning Monday. Lighted courses can be used at night.


Hotel Ambassadeur is an excellent choice near the city-center. It is located across the river from the market place, in walking-distance from the event. Parking and waxing facilities are available in the hotel basement

There are 4 other hotels in the city centre as well. For more information click here


Free of charge for spectators.


Buses from the airport to Oslo/Holmenkollen and to Drammen will be arranged. Drammen is located 40 minutes drive from t Oslo. 1,5 hr from Oslo Gardermoen Airport, and 1 hr from Oslo Torp Airport, Sandefjord.


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