Halfvarsson to have sinus surgery

Source: Langd.se

Calle Halfvarsson began the season in the best way including two World Cup victories before the New Year and possession of the yellow bib associated with leading in the overall World Cup standings.

Then he was hit by a cold with prolonged sinus congestion as a result, among other things, which meant that he had to cancel the Tour de Ski.

It was announced in a press release on 23-03-2017 that he will forgo the remainder of the season to get surgery on his sinuses.  Sinus related issues have been a major problem for Calle for the past two seasons. 

It it hoped that the surgey will get rid of these problems for good. Everything to be as well prepared as possible for the coming Olympic season. The Olympics in South Korea, where Calle will be aiming to capture his first individual championship medal.  "It is of course hard to stop the season when there are so many good races left to go. At the same time it feels good to get a chance to get rid my sinus problems which have disturbed me for so long", says Halfvarsson. "To the operation at this time of year is the best. I'm aiming to be up and running with good training again in May."