Kalla returns to Swedish national team, manager Rikard Grip continues

Rikard Grip continues as the Cross-Country team manager, Urban Nilsson carries on as head of waxing, Magnus Ingesson comes back to the national team as coach.

Rikard Grip continues as the national team manager and is responsible for the national team organization. 

"It is fun and inspiring to continue to lead the national team. I look forward to the intensive work of coming weeks. We are working on the Cross-Country organization. I have both a short-term view of the World Championships in Seefeld in sight, as well as a longer perspective of the upcoming World Cup and World Championships," Grip says. It is also clear that Urban Nilsson continues as the head of the waxing team.

On the Ladies side, Magnus Ingesson returns to the national team as a coach."It will be an exciting and challenging assignment. Ladies' team consists of many young and talented skiers. It will be interesting to work with their great potential and make them continue to evolve, "says Ingesson, who has worked as a personal trainer for Charlotte Kalla in the past two years.

Charlotte Kalla back in the national team 

After a successful season with four Olympic medals and five World Cup wins, Charlotte Kalla has decided to return to the the Swedish national training team.

"I look forward to socializing with the national team both in and alongside the training track," says Kalla, who sees many benefits that Magnus Ingesson will also be part of the team. "I'm very happy that Magnus will now work as a coach. Our cooperation will continue as before. We will have time to plan, implement and follow up on the training during the important camp days. It is also a big advantage that Magnus is part of the team during the race season," Kalla says.

Swedish Ski Association press release