National team nomination and coaches changes in Italy

Italian Cross-Country team have new coaches leadership. Stefano Saracco will be the men's coach and Marco Selle will replace Sandro Pertille as the sport director. Pietro Piller Cottrer is the coordinator of the junior and U23 teams. 

Selle was in charge of the junior team in Italy during the last 6 years and will replace Pertille as the Cross-Country sport director. "I will try to give decision-making autonomy to coaches, to be the reference figure that gives the answers when needed and to be the figure of liaison between the lever and top athletes," Selle said. 

Saracco is the coach of the men's team 

Stefano Saracco will replace Giuseppe Chenetti as the coach of the men's team. Saracco was working in the Italian national Cross-Country team from 2012-2014. "The boys have developed a lot in the last season. We had the youngest team in the relay of the Games, that gives us hope for the future. We will work a lot but with a smile. I am convinced that a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere can help, " Saracco said. 

Italian national team 2018/19 

SELLE Marco -  Technical Director
RIVA Paolo - World Cup team coordinator
PILLER COTTRER Pietro - Coordinator junior team 

World Cup Men, coach: SARACCO Stefano
PELLEGRINO Federico 1990 Fiamme Oro
DE FABIANI Francesco 1993 Esercito

Men's A team, coach: SARACCO Stefano  
NOECKLER Dietmar 1988 Fiamme Oro
RASTELLI Maicol 1991 Esercito
SALVADORI Giandomenico 1992 Fiamme Gialle
BERTOLINA Mirco 1991 Carabinieri

Men's A team aggregate
ZELGER Stefan 1995 Esercito

Ladies' A team, coach: PAREDI Simone
BROCARD Elisa 1984 Esercito
LAURENT Greta 1992 Fiamme Gialle

Ladies' A2 team, coach: PAREDI Simone 
COMARELLA Anna 1997 Fiamme Oro
SCARDONI Lucia 1991 Fiamme Gialle
GANZ Caterina 1995 Fiamme Gialle
DEBERTOLIS Ilaria 1989 Fiamme Oro
PELLEGRINI Sara 1986 Fiamme Oro

Men's U23 team, coach: CARDINI Luciano 
DAPRA Simone 1997 Fiamme Oro
VENTURA Paolo 1996 Esercito
CORADAZZI Martin 1998 Esercito
ROMANO Lorenzo 1997 Esercito
ABRAM Mikael 1996 Esercito
GABRIELLI Giacomo 1996 Esercito
HELLWEGER Michael 1996 Fiamme Oro
MOCELLINI Simone 1998 Fiamme Gialle

Men's U23 team observers, coach: CARDINI Luciano
CAPPELLO Florian 1996 SC Prad
DELLAGIACOMA Tommaso 1996 Carabinieri
SERRA Daniele 1996 Esercito
CAOLA Giovanni 1998 Carabinieri

Ladies' U23, coach: PASINI Renato
DEFRANCESCO Ilenia 1996 Esercito
TOMASINI Monica 1996 Fiamme Gialle
FRANCHI Francesca 1997 Fiamme Gialle
PITTIN Cristina 1998 Esercito
BELLINI Martina 1998 Esercito
DE ZOLT Ponte Chiara 1998 Carabinieri