The Upper Sava Valley, a picturesque Alpine valley, is situated in the North-West region of Slovenia, right beside the tri-border with Austria and Italy. Known for its cold winters and fresh summers the valley is a popular place for all sorts of sports activities. Rich history of the region speaks of many sporting events and venues, personalities and teams.

Most visited city of the valley and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia, Kranjska Gora, is a vantage point for discovering the Upper Sava Valley. Known most by alpine skiing and Nordic disciplines, the city and its surroundings offer biking and hiking destinations, family vacationing, adrenaline activities and other sports such as golf, tennis and fishing.

The area also offers excellent cuisine and accommodations and of course sightseeing since interesting cultural and natural sights can be found in abundance. Besides sporting events Kranjska Gora is also becoming more and more of a point for music concerts and entertainment alike.


With the opening of the new Nordic Center in 2015, Planica is deservedly once again amongst the venues with the best and most modern sports facilities in the world.

The central point of the Nordic Center is the Cross-Country stadium building, which holds all the infrastructure for organization of competitions on the highest level and is also a place intended for programs for visitors all-year round.

Also included in the CC stadium building are the wind tunnels, indoor Cross-Country tracks and a football pitch, which serves as a start-finish area during competitions.

Nordic Center provides in combined 5-, 7- and 8,37-kilometre tracks for classic and free technique, 7 ski jumping hills ranging from HS15 to HS139 and a HS 225 flying hill.


Season full of competitions in Planica will kick-off with FIS Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix on 30th of September and 1st of October 2017.

The most action-packed will be the weekend of 20th and 21st of January 2018 since Planica will host three competitions on these days: FIS Cross-Country World Cup, FIS Ski Jumping Continental Cup for ladies and Ski Jumping FIS Cup for men. This is also going to be a weekend to host the 7th consecutive World Snow Day.

Competitions will then continue with FIS Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Continental Cup on 3rd and 4th of February 2018 and will be concluded with FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Finals from 22nd to 25th of March 2018.
4.Accommodation – basic information on ways how to book accommodation and accommodation facilities for spectators.

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Daily tickets: Regular 10 EUR, VIP 100 EUR
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