Stina Nilsson optimistic

Swedish Ski Association - Sweden’s Stina Nilsson was forced to reduce the training load due to health problems. Now, Nilsson believes she is on the way to come back in a great shape.

"I’m feeling good. I'm still in a phase of cutting down the training, but I'm looking forward to start scaling up again,” says Nilsson.

Two weeks ago, Stina Nilsson left the national team training camp in Sognefjell. She felt her body was not responding well to training. After medical examination she was recommended to reduce the training load.

“We have adjusted the training to get my body training ready again. I feel confident about the plan and I am not worried about my shape for the winter. I’m looking forward to an exciting season,” says Stina Nilsson.

Swedish national team management confirms that it goes in the right direction for Stina Nilsson.
“Stina probably went though a minor infection without noticing it. in combination with the heavy training load, it has affected the way her body reacted to training. Stina has responded well to the easier program she has had in the past week and we are positive that she will soon be back in great shape. The most important thing now is that she gets some rest so that she can focus on the right things,” says coach Rikard Grip.