10 million dollars for Ski Flying hill in the US

The original schedule cannot be met, but Copper Peak still got a huge step closer to the goal of getting the only Ski Flying hill outside of Europe ready to carry out a competition again.

The project to renovate the Flying Hill on Copper Peak in Ironwood, MI, picked up steam. 10 million dollars of government grants for this project, which applied for the funding together with Pine Mountain, were included in the state budget of Michigan.

"This support will give us a huge boost. We will need a total of 15 to 18 million dollars to successfully implement the project. Our goal now is to host a FIS Grand Prix event in summer 2020", said Bob Jacquart, fundraising co-chair of Copper Peak.

Because the estimated costs for the renovation of Copper Peak are 15 to 18 million dollars and those of the Pine Mountain project are 2 million dollars, it is expected that Copper Peak will receive the main share of the funds.

"In order to generate the budget, we will talk to sponsors about selling the naming rights and other possibilities of sponsoring. Fundraising campaigns for smaller amounts are also an option and so it's possible that we sell the 20 000 mats to smaller sponsors", explains Jacquart.

The hill in Michigan would be the only Ski Flying hill worldwide covered with mats where FIS Ski Flying events could be held also in summer.