Antti Aalto and Susanna Forsstroem Finnish champions
Jarkko Maatta, Antti Aalto, Andreas Alamommo - (c) Facebook / Lahden Hiihtoseura

The Finnish national Ski Jumping championships of the ladies and men were held in Lahti this weekend.
The men's event was won by Antti Aalto, who was already in the lead after the first round with the longest jump of the day of 131 m. The 23-year-old then claimed the national title with a 113 m jump in the final and a total of 248.6 points.

The second place went to Jarkko Maatta, who jumped on 124 m and 118.5 m on the HS 130 large hill and scored 246.9 points. Andreas Alamommo came in third with his jumps of 125 m and 117 m, that earned him 246.5 points.

Eetu Nousiainen was second close behind Antti Aalto after the first half of the competition with 125 m, but with only 104 m in the final round he could not defend his spot on the podium and finished fourth. He was followed by Niko Kytosaho and Kalle Heikkinen in fifth and sixth.

The ladies' competition on the normal hill was won by Susanna Forsstroem with 200.0 points (85.5 m and 84 m), ahead of Julia Tervahartiala (82 m and 84.5 m; 192.0 points) and Jenny Rautionaho (82 m and 78.5 m; 177.0 points).

The title in Saturday's team competition went to Puijon Hiihtoseura (Ilka Herola, Eetu Nousiainen, Henri Kavilo, Jesse Paakkonen) with 832.5 points. Ounasvaaran Hiihtoseura (Olli Salmela, Wille Karhumaa, Waltteri Karhumaa, Andreas Alamommo; 792.5 points) came in second, followed by the local heroes of Lahden Hiihtoseura (Frans Taehkaevuori, Mico Ahonen, Arttu Pohjola, Niko Kytosaho; 742.5 points).

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