Evgeniy Klimov claims both national titles in Russia
Mikhail Maksimochkin, Evgeniy Klimov, Roman Trofimov

Evgeniy Klimov was the best in both competitions of the Russian national championships in Chaikovsky this weekend.

The 24-year-old took a clear win on the normal hill with jumps of 90 m and 105.5 m and 250.3 points, even though he was only third after the first round.

The second place went to Mikhail Maksimochkin with 97.5 m and 96.5 m and 236.9 points. After the first half of the competition on the HS 102, Maksimochkin was in the lead ahead of Roman Trofimov and Klimov. Trofimov came in third overall with 218.8 points (92.5 m and 91 m).
Alexandr Bazhenov, Maxim Sergeev and Vladislav Boyarintsev followed in fourth, fifth and sixth.

Evgeniy Klimov then showed a dominant performance on the large hill with the by far best jumps in both rounds on 141.5 m and 131.5 m and 272.3 points.

Roman Trofimov finished second with 129 m and 112 m, but with 210.9 points he was more than 60 points behind the winner. Like Klimov and Trofimov, also Mikhail Maksimochkin was on the podium in both competitions. On the HS 140, he was third with jumps of 121 m and 118 m and 206.6 points.
Egor Usachev was fourth, followed by Alexandr Bazhenov and Dmitriy Vassiliev, who was second after the first round.

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