FIS Ski Jumping TD seminar in Zakopane (POL)
The participants of the TD seminar in Zakopane

Experienced Technical Delegates, who are already working in the men's and ladies' World Cup, and TD-candidates, who want to become Technical Delegates, met for two days of primary and continuing training in Zakopane (POL).

Under the direction of Dr. Ivo Greger and divided into two groups, the Delegates analyzed past competitions and discussed changes of the rules as well as the basic preparation of a competition in cooperation with the local organizing committee. "The exchange of experiences among colleagues is always a fundamental part for every TD, that's why we emphasize these discussions at the seminars and always allow extra time for it", explains Dr. Ivo Greger, who is a TD himself and knows exactly what he is talking about.

Future TDs - Future of the TDs

For the TD-candidates it was first about learning what it's all about - apart from the required theoretical and practical expertise. "A Technical Delegate is representing the International Ski Federation. Together with the local organizing committee, he has to successfully prepare and carry out the competition on the highest level. Not only great theoretical knowledge and a lot of practical experience is necessary, but the person also needs to have a strong character", said COC coordinator Horst Tielmann, who was responsible for the schedule of the candidates during this seminar.

A visit of the legendary Wielka Krokiew hill in Zakopane was also on the schedule. The impressive hill was toured together with Richard Kaiser, member of the sub committee for hill construction, and details of the facility were analyzed from a technical perspective.

Central issue: e-learning

One of the main topics of the 2018 seminar was e-learning. Three years ago, a working group headed by Ueli Forrer, chairman of the FIS sub committee for officials, rules, and control, and Dr. Ivo Greger began tackling the issue of e-learning. At latest now, with the TD seminar in Zakopane, SJ TD's of the FIS started taking advantage of the possibility of e-learning. "This is a really good tool", the participants agreed.
Not only could the experienced TDs check their knowledge with a 60-minute long test consisting of 40 questions, the TD-candidates really got down to business using the new system on the second day when it was time for the theoretical exam of the TD training - per e-learning, without a single sheet of paper.

Each candidate had one hour to answer 40 questions out of the FIS SJ database using their own laptops. 13 of the 14 candidates reached the required number of points. Right after the test, every participant and the examination board could check the results in detail - thanks to e-learning.

"The candidates were very well prepared for this test, we can all be very satisfied with the result", COC coordinator Horst Tielman summed up the results.

The event concluded on Saturday with satisfied participants and a message to chairman Ueli Forrer in Switzerland, who was not able to attend the seminar for private reasons.