Italian national titles to Alex Insam and Lara Malsiner
Alex Insam

The Italian Ski Jumping championships for ladies and men were held on the HS 104 normal hill in Predazzo on Saturday.

In the men's competition, Alex Insam was already in the lead after the first round with his jump of 98.5 m. The 20-year-old then defended this position with a 93.5 m jump in the final and a total of 234.0 points.

Only one point behind the winner, Davide Bresadola, who jumped on 96 m in both rounds, came in second. The third place went to Federico Cecon, who scored 219.5 points for his jumps of 94.5 m and 91 m.

Sebastian Colloredo finished fourth and he was followed by Francesco Cecon and Giovanni Bresadola.

In absence of Manuela Malsiner and Elena Runggaldier, who could both not compete due to injuries, Lara Malsiner took a clear win in the ladies' competition with her jumps of 95 m and 98 m and 228.5 points. Veronica Gianmoena was second with 159.0 points (81.5 m and 78 m), Annika Sieff came in third with 155.0 points (80 m and 78 m).

Results men
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