Kilian Peier wins Swiss nationals
Simon Ammann, Kilian Peier, Andreas Schuler - © Facebook / Swiss Skijump Team

Two weeks later than originally planned, the Swiss men's Ski Jumping champion was finally crowned on Saturday. The competition could not take place in Kandersteg mid-October due to the strong wind.

The competition this weekend was held on the HS 117 Andreas-Kuettel-hill in Einsiedeln and, for the third time in a row, the title went to Kilian Peier. The 23-year-old, who provided a positive surprise this summer with his sixth place in the overall ranking of the FIS Grand Prix, laid the foundation for this win already in the first round with a jump of 116 m. He defended his lead with 106.5 m in the final and 252.5 points.

Four-time Olympic champion Simon Ammann took the second place with 115.5 m and 107 m and a total of 245.5 points, Andreas Schuler came in third with his jumps of 116.5 m and 105 m, that earned him 242.7 points.

Gregor Deschwanden showed the best performance in the final round with 108 m, but still, he closely missed the podium and finished fourth.

Sandro Hauswirth, fifth in Einsiedeln, won the Swiss national title in the juniors competition two weeks ago on the HS 106 in Kandersteg with 102.5 m and 108 m and 271.0 points, ahead of Dominik Peter (101.5 m and 107.5 m; 266.0 points) and Lars Kindlimann (98 m and 103.5 m; 249.0 points).

The Zuercher Skiverband (Andreas Schuler, Lars Kindlimann, Pascal Kaelin, Dominik Peter; 962.5 points) took the title in the team event, which was also already held in Kandersteg. The second and third place went to the Berner Oberlaender Skiverband (Gabriel Karlen, Kevin Romang, Luca von Gruenigen, Sandro Hauswirth; 832.0 points) and Ski Romand (Olan Lacroix, Janne Perini, Neo Freiholz, Kilian Peier; 794.0 points).

The ladies' competition on the HS 74 was won by Lea Kindlimann with 210.5 points (70 m and 64 m), followed by Sina Arnet (65.5 m and 64 m; 207.2 points) and Emely Torazza (63 m and 66 m; 178.0 points).

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