Boyd-Clowes and Bodnarchuk Canadian champions
Nathaniel Mah, Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, Matthew Soukup - © Facebook / Ski Jumping Canada

Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes and Natasha Bodnarchuk were the winners of the Canadian Ski Jumping Championships on the normal hill in Calgary last weekend.

Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes was the only athlete in the men's competition on the HS 93 in the Canada Olympic Park to land beyond the 100-Meter-mark in both rounds. The 27-year-old dominated the competition with 107 m and 100 m and 287.5 points.

Clearly behind the winner, the second place went to Matthew Soukup with 99 m and 96 m and a total of 261.0 points. Nordic Combined skier Nathaniel Mah came in third with 98.5 m and 88 m and 243.5 points. 

Sam Bolton, Josh Maurer, and Stephane Tremblay followed on the places four to six.

Natalie Eilers, Natasha Bodnarchuk, Abigail Strate - © Facebook / Ski Jumping Canada

The fight for the victory was a lot closer in the ladies' event. In the end, Natasha Bodnarchuk took the win with 85.5 m and 97 m and 227.5 points, close ahead of Abigail Strate (85.5 m and 96 m; 226.0 points). Natalie Eilers was third with 209.0 points (84 m and 89 m).

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