National titles in Austria to Huber, Hayboeck and Pinkelnig
Eva Pinkelnig, Daniel Huber - © Instagram/Daniel Huber

The Austrian men's and ladies' Ski Jumping championships on the large and normal hill were held this week in Bischofshofen and Hinzenbach.

On Thursday, Daniel Huber crowned himself the new Austrian large hill champion. The 25-year-old from Salzburg, who was the best Austrian in this year's FIS Grand Prix in fifth of the overall ranking, showed the best performances in both rounds with 141.5 m and 150 m and won with 276.5 points. "This is a cool feeling. I have to say that I'm always more nervous before domestic competitions than before international events. You know so many people and it's really about the prestige. It's also a good sign when you are among the very best of such a strong team. This gives me confidence for the upcoming winter", Daniel Huber said after his win.

The second place on the HS 140 went to Michael Hayboeck with jumps of 141.5 m and 142.5 m and 270.9 points. Philipp Aschenwald, the overall winner of this summer's Continental Cup, came in third with 135.5 m and the longest jump of the day of 144.5 m that earned him 266.7 points.

Manuel Fettner (4th), Stefan Kraft (5th) and Clemens Aigner and Thomas Hofer (both 6th) followed clearly behind Top 3 of the day.

The ladies' competition in Bischofshofen was surprisingly won by Eva Pinkelnig with 123 m and 123.5 m and 211.4 points. She came in ahead of Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (122 m and 121 m; 202.7 points) and Chiara Hoelzl (117.5 m and 122.5 m; 191.3 points). "I didn't expect to win today because I haven't been jumping on large hills that long. So far I didn't win much either. This makes it even cooler that I could stand on top of the podium today", said Eva Pinkelnig.

Michael Hayboeck was then able to reverse the result in the normal hill competition in Hinzenbach on Sunday. The local hero won the competition on his home hill, which was decided after only one round due to the difficult wind conditions, with a jump of 96.5 m and 126.4 points. "Finally I was able to take my first home win here in Hinzenbach, but what almost makes me even happier is that my jumps are finally starting to get really good again. That was also the case on Thursday in Bischofshofen. This is good news for me because the season is starting soon", said Michael Hayboeck.

Two points behind the winner, Daniel Huber came in second this time with 93 m. The third place went to Clemens Aigner with 91 m and 116.7 points. Right behind the podium, Thomas Hofer and David Haagen surprised in fourth and fifth, Manuel Fettner was sixth.

In the ladies' event, Eva Pinkelnig confirmed her performance from Bischofshofen also in Hinzenbach claimed her second national title in only a few days with 90 m and 110.2 points. Daniela Iraschko-Stolz repeated her second place with 83.5 m and 99.2 points, Jacqueline Seifriedsberger was third with 76.5 m and 82.2 points. "I'm extremely happy. I have never jumped that far in Hinzenbach, especially not with such a short inrun. But my biggest success today was that I was completely sure that I would be jumping well when I was up on the hill and that the difficult wind conditions did not distract me", said the now two-time Austrian champion.

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