Qualification in Zao postponed to Friday

Strong wind and very heavy snowfall made it impossible to carry out the complete official training and the qualification for the first event of the Ladies' World Cup in Zao (JPN).

The original schedule for Thursday with two training rounds and a qualification round had to be cut down to just one training jump. And even this one round was extremely difficult.

The heavy snowfall caused problems with the inrun track, the track got slower and slower and in the end, the hill crew was not able to get the new snow out of the track in order to ensure equal conditions for all of the athletes.

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz landed already at 55.5 m on the HS 102 hill in Zao, Juliane Seyfarth, Maren Lundby, and Katharina Althaus then chose not to jump.

The jury decided to postpone the qualification to Friday 3:45 pm LOC (7:45 am CET).

Schedule for Friday in Zao:
7:45 am: Qualification
9:00 am: Competition

All times: CET (Zao: + 8 hours)

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