Timi Zajc and Ursa Bogataj Slovenian champions
Anze Semenic, Timi Zajc, Bor Pavlovcic, Zak Mogel - © SloSki

In Slovenia, the international competition break this weekend was used to carry out the national championships on the large hill in Planica.

In the men's event there, Timi Zajc took a clear win with his jumps of 142.5 m and 132 m and 280.7 points. With this performance, the 18-year-old came in clearly ahead of Anze Semenic, who scored 267.0 points with 137 m and 129.5 m. The third place went to Bor Pavlovcic with 128.5 m and 133.5 m and 250.4 points.
Youngster Zak Mogel finished fourth, followed by Anze Lanisek and Jernej Damjan.

Peter Prevc did not take part in this competition due to a virus infection, but he will be able to participate in the 4-Hills-Tournament.

The team competition was won by SSK Ljubno BTC 1, ahead of SK Triglav and SSK Ljubno BTC 2.

Ursa Bogataj, Nika Kriznar, Maja Vtic - © SloSki

Ursa Bogataj won the ladies' competition with 127 m and 127.5 m and 234.0 points. The second and third place went to Ema Klinec (134 m and 131 m; 232.6 points) and Nika Kriznar (127.5 m and 127.5 m; 231.2 points).

Ema Klinec fell in the second round. A diagnosis of possible injuries shall follow on Monday after an MRI examination in Ljubljana. 

Head coach Gorazd Bertoncelj named his team for the upcoming 4-Hills-Tournament after the championships. Timi Zajc, Peter Prevc, Domen Prevc, Jernej Damjan, Anze Semenic, and Bor Pavlovcic will get the chance to compete in this event.

Update: As already suspected, Ema Klinec sustained an ACL tear. This means that the 20-year-old, who is currently sixth in the overall World Cup, will be out for the rest of the season.