Two new competition series for the ladies

In the upcoming 2018/19 winter season there will be two new competition series as part of the FIS Ladies' Ski Jumping World Cup: The RAW AIR Tour in Norway and the Bluebird Tour in Russia.

The men's RAW AIR Tour is already carried out successfully since 2017, on Monday the ladies' RAW AIR Tour was officially presented in Norway. "This is a milestone for ladies Ski Jumping. I´m really looking forward to participating in the RAW AIR. Now we´ll have an exciting tournament on our calendar”, said Olympic champion Maren Lundby.

“If we want to be the biggest Ski Jumping nation, then ladies´ Ski Jumping has to to be lifted to the next level. The RAW AIR is a fantastic competition which gains a lot of attention. I want to see women compete in the RAW AIR. Therefore we have contributed money to this event", said Trine Skei Grande, Norwegian Secretary of Sports, at the presentation on Norwegian television.

The RAW AIR Tour 2019 will start with the qualification in Oslo on March 9th and it will end for the ladies with the final in Trondheim on March 14th.

The Bluebird Tour at the very end of the season will be the second completely new competition series for the ladies. It will be held from March 15th to March 24th, 2018, and consists of two competitions on the normal hill in Nizhny Tagil and one normal and one large hill event in Chaikovsky.