Althaus takes the first win

Katharina Althaus of Germany took the first win of the Olympic season in Ladies Ski Jumping. With an impressive performance in Courchevel (FRA) with the longest jump of the day to 95,0 meters already in the first round and 88,5 meters in the final, Althaus scored 230,8 points and took her first ever victory in the FIS Grand Prix.

Althaus had fun
Althaus said: „It was really fun jumping here today and I am very happy with what came out. My goal was to take a good start, but I was not expecting it to go so well.

Takanashi not consistent enough
“More than 10 points behind Japans Sara Takanashi came in 2nd after a great comeback from 5th place after the first round.89,0 and 90,0 meters and 220,1 points meant a good start for Takanashi, too. Sara Takanashi said: „It was really difficult today. I had to be very focussed in the inrun. But my main problem was the lag of consistency between the two rounds. I will have to work on this.“

Ito not satisfied
Teammate Yuki Ito completed a close to perfect Japanese competition only 1,1 points behind Takanashi. Ito, who won the qualification earlier today, said: „I am a little bit disappointed, because my competition jumps where my worst jumps today. In training and qualification it worked better. Now I am looking forward to Frenstad next week. I have never been there before and am curious for the hill.“

Good results for Russia and France
With 91,0 and 85,0 meters Ito stayed ahead of Irina Avvakumova of Russia who came in 4th with 90,0 and 84,0 meters and 213,7 points.On 5th place the 16-year old Lucile Morat delivered a great result for the French hosts and coming back from 13th place after the first round.6th place went to Germanys Svenja Wuerth ahead of Maren Lundby and Sarah Hendrickson.

Rogelj best Slovenian
Spela Rogelj was best Slovenian on 9th place ahead of Japans Yuka Seto. Junior World Champion Manuela Malsiner from Italy came in 14th followed by Canadas Abigail Strate. A very good French result was completed by Oceane Paillard, Lea Lemare and Julia Claire on places 18 to 20. Daniela Haralambie scored on 21st place for Romania.

Next stage of the FIS Grand Prix for the Ski Jumping Ladies is Frenstad (CZE) next weekend.

Official result