Austrians recharge their batteries in Cyprus

Like in the previous years, the Austrian ski jumpers traveled to Cyprus again this year shortly before the new season starts.

Besides daily training sessions, it was mainly about recharging the batteries again before the upcoming long winter.
"It's very important for us, that the athletes have enough time to unwind here. We have a long and tough season ahead of us, that makes it even more important that every one of them is physically fit and clear-headed when it starts", said head coach Heinz Kuttin.

Stefan Kraft also enjoys the time in the sun before the World Cup kicks off in just a few weeks: "The trip to Cyprus is a regular event for us before the season. Here we want to work on our physical fitness but it's also important to just enjoy the sun. The next weeks will be stressful enough and then it helps when you can recall these days in Cyprus."

For Michael Hayboeck the trip to Cyprus didn't go as planned. He suffered an ankle injury already at the beginning of the stay there but is already on the mend again. "At first it was a shock. But now I'm already optimistic again, that this injury will not be too much of a setback. I'm already almost free of pain again, also because of the good treatment by the physical therapists. On Monday I will have an MRI exam in Austria to confirm this positive feeling."