Big in Japan – Ladies World Cups in Sapporo and Zao

It’s one of the highlights in the ladies’ World Cup calendar: The annual trip to Japan. Four single competitions are scheduled. First stage is Sapporo. With almost two million inhabitants Sapporo is the biggest city in this years´ World Cup calendar.

Hill with history
On the Miyanomori hill with a hill size of 100 meters competitions of the 1972 winter Olympics where held as well as the Nordic Ski World Championships 2007. Since three years and six competitions of the FIS Ladies World Cup Sara Takanashi remains unbeaten in Sapporo. The first editions in 2013 have been won by Coline Mattel and Jaqueline Seifriedsberger.

Lots of snow in Sapporo
After Sapporo has been covered with the biggest amounts of snow in almost 30 years there is more than enough white powder to prepare the hill. The organizers will have to face the problem off too much snow instead. Anyway, being one of the most experienced local organisation committees, the flying ladies and their fans might not have any reason to worry about the competitions on January 14th and 15th. After a day off in the big city the ladies journey will continue to the Yamagata district.

Off to the mountains
They will stay in the same country but still have a completely different setting. Zao, around five hours of car drive in the north of Tokyo, is a beautiful winter sports resort and very famous for the „Onsen“, hot springs in the ground. The Zao-Schanze with a hill size of 100 meters is hosting the FIS World Cup Ladies Ski Jumping for the sixth time. Last year and in 2013 and 2014 local hero Sara Takanashi could win both competitions. Apart from her Carina Vogt and Sarah Hendrickson already won in Zao.

Competitions at breakfast time
After flood lights have been installed two years ago the competitions on January 20th and 21st can be held in the late afternoon – and at best breakfast time in middle Europe.

13.1., 3am, Sapporo: training & qualification
14.1., 3am, Sapporo: single competition
15.1., 2am, Sapporo: qualification & single competition
19.1., 8am, Zao: training & qualification
20.1., 9am, Zao: single competition
21.1., 7.45am, Zao: qualification & single competition
(All times CET, Sapporo/Zao: CET +8)