COC: Anze Lanisek dominates in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Two weeks after the New Year's event, exciting ski jumping competitions are again held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GER). Continental Cup events are taking place on the Olympic hill in Bavaria this weekend.

Anze Lanisek was unbeatable there in Saturday's competition, which had to start with some delay due to the heavy snowfall. The 20-year-old laid the foundation for his success already in the first round with the longest jump of the day on 137 m. In the final the Slovene was again the best with 131.5 m and so he took a more than clear win with 274.8 points.

For Anze Lanisek this was already his seventh win in the COC, but the first in almost two years.

Florian Altenburger of Austria finished second with his jumps of 126.5 m and 128 m, but with his total of 244.1 points he was already more than 30 points behind the winner.

With Miran Zupancic in third another Slovene made it to the podium. The 27-year-old jumped on 123 m and 129.5 m and scored a total of 241.7 points.

The fourth place went to Italian Alex Insam, followed by Eetu Nousiainen, who moved up from 13th after the first round to fifth overall with a strong second jump and achieved a career-best result. 

Elias Tollinger and Philipp Aschenwald in sixth and seventh provided a very good result for the Austrian team, for which Maximilian Steiner and Clemens Aigner also showed very solid performance in 11th and 12th. 

Behind the best Norwegians of this competition, Joakim Aune (8th) and Sigurd Nymoen Soeberg (9th), a third member of the Slovenian team finished in the Top 10 with Nejc Dezman. Best athlete of the hosting team was Pius Paschke in 13th. 

Daniel Huber of Austria still leads the overall ranking with 356 points, followed by his teammate Florian Altenburger (317 points) and Cene Prevc of Slovenia (280 points). 

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