COC: Four Slovenes ahead

The second competition of the Continental Cup weekend in Erzurum (GUR) was held on the HS 109 normal hill. And just like on the large hill yesterday, the Slovenian ski jumpers once again demonstrated their strength.

On Saturday five athletes of coach Igor Medved came in among the best six, today the team even took the first four spots, again lead by Nejc Dezman and Jaka Hvala.

Like his teammates, Nejc Dezman was able to follow up on the strong performance from the day before and celebrated his second win in Turkey with 98.5 m and 105.5 m and 263.2 points.

Jaka Hvala also repeated Saturday's result and finished second again. The 23-year-old, who has already won in the World Cup, jumped on 98.5 m and 106.5 m and scored 260.7 points.

After the first round Rok Justin was in the lead with 102.5 m, in the final the Slovene lost some ground with his jump of 99 m. He finished third with a total of 256.7 points.

Miran Zupancic completed the total success of the Slovenian team in fourth.

Sebastian Colloredo showed another very good performance, even if it was not enough for the podium this time. The Italian was among the best again in fifth. 

Lauri Asikainen and Antti Aalto achieved a very good result for the Finnish team in sixth and seventh and with Janne Korhonen in tenth a third Finn made the Top 10 in this competition. Matjaz Pungertar was the fifth-best Slovenian jumper in eighth, the ninth place went to Russia's Egor Usachev.

Miran Zupancic (595 points) now leads the overall ranking of the Continental Cup, followed by Nejc Dezman (556 points) and Clemens Aigner (521 points). 

The competitions in the COC will be held in Brotterode (GER) next weekend.

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