COC-M: Miran Zupancic wins in Wisla

The second leg of the Beskydy-Tour: Wisla (POL). A day after the Polish double victory in the opener in Szczyrk (POL) the action continued on the Adam-Malysz-hill, where the Continental Cup stops now about a month after the FIS Grand Prix.

The win on the HS 134 went to Miran Zupancic of Slovenia, who already presented himself in a very good shape when he finished third on Friday. The 27-year-old won the close competition with jumps of 127 m and 130.5 m and 279.9 points. This was his fourth win in the COC. "I had two good jumps today and I'm really happy that I could win. The rainy weather was not a problem for me, I was focused on my jumps", said the athlete of the club SK Zagorje.

Klemens Muranka of Poland was in the lead after the first round with 128 m, but his second jump of 130.5 m was not enough to come in ahead of Miran Zupancic. With 278.7 points he repeated his second place from yesterday. "I'm satisfied with my performance, I would have had to jump better to win. Generally speaking it was alright, but I was lacking a little bit of luck", said Muranka, who now took the overall lead of the Beskydy-Tour.

Italian Alex Insam could celebrate his first podium finish of the season in third with jumps of 129.5 m and 128 m and a total of 273.8 points and was surprised by his performance. "I didn't expect such a good result. I'm happy because my jumps were really good. We are training in Wisla a lot, so I know the hill well."

Local hero Aleksander Zniszczol was not able to repeat his win from Friday on his home hill, but he showed yet another strong performance and finished fourth. Ziga Jelar of Slovenia was fifth and achieved his next top result after his fourth place in Szczyrk.  

With Andreas Schuler in sixth and Luca Egloff in ninth, it was a very successful day in Poland for the team of Switzerland. Pius Paschke was again the best German, this time in sixth. His teammates Justin Lisso and Luca Roth, both only 17-year-old, showed convincing performances as well and came in 11th and 12th. 

Maximilian Steiner was the best of the Austrians in eighth, Filip Sakala of the Czech Republic (10th) completed the Top 10 a day before his home competition in Frenstat (Sunday, 2:00 pm CET).

Klemens Muranka still has a clear lead in the overall ranking of the Continental Cup with his 360 points. Miran Zupancic is second with 272 points, Aleksander Zniszczol follows in third (152 points).

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