Daniel Andre Tande: "I have learned a lot about myself"

Last season Daniel Andre Tande was the tragic hero of the 4-Hills-Tournament: He lost his chance to win the overall title due to problems with his bindings in the final event in Bischofshofen.

This winter, the Norwegian, who finished third in the 4-Hills-Tournament 2016/17, is again one of the top contenders. Despite or because of what happened last season, his anticipation is high. "I'm excited for it to get started. Last season, the 4-Hills-Tournament was amazing and awful at the same time for me, especially considering the last jump. But this is not a problem anymore. I learned a lot about myself as an athlete during the last 4-Hills-Tournament. So if I had done everything correctly and won, I would probably not be the same guy today. Hopefully, I can benefit from it for the rest of my career", the 23-year-old said at a press conference in Oberstdorf.

Daniel Andre Tande is currently third in the overall World Cup and was on the podium twice so far this season, but he doesn't want to focus only on the results now. "I don't want to put pressure on myself with setting high goals or having too high expectations. I believe that I got better in focusing on every single jump and not too much on everything else, especially on things that I can't control. It's no big deal when I have a bad day at the hill. I can still do what I love, which is traveling around the world, jump on different hills and compete with the best in the world."