David Siegel and Pius Paschke on the German World Cup team

Pius Paschke secured his spot on the team with good results in the Continental Cup, David Siegel convinced head coach Werner Schuster in training. Team Olympic champion Andreas Wank shall compete in the COC at the beginning of the season and join the team, at the latest, for the 4-Hills-Tournament.

Besides Paschke and Siegel, Andreas Wellinger, Richard Freitag, Markus Eisenbichler, Karl Geiger and Stephan Leyhe will represent Germany on the first three World Cup weekends in Wisla (POL), Ruka (FIN) and Nizhny Tagil (RUS). 

"We were recently training for the first World Cup in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Oberstdorf. There we had an ice track and landed on mats. We will make our first jumps on snow this season in Wisla", said Werner Schuster, who is already looking forward to the season opener. "After the long weeks of preparation, we are all really looking forward to the World Cup opening in Wisla. The enthusiastic Polish fans always provided a great atmosphere in the past and since winter arrived right on time, nothing shall get in the way of a great season opener."

Andreas Wellinger, in fourth the best German in last winter's overall World Cup, who got in his best shape during the second half of the season, wants to be among the best right from the start this time. 

"I'm satisfied with the summer competitions and the final phase of the preparation for the upcoming winter. I'm really happy that the winter season starts now. I want to try to get in the rhythm for the competitions from the start and show good jumps on a high level. That's why I did some intense physical training this summer. On the hill, my main focus was on a symmetrical take-off with which I want to reduce the probability of error and make my jump more effective", said the 22-year-old.

Markus Eisenbichler achieved the best results of his career last winter and so he wants to rely on the same formula for success than last season. "Right now I'm feeling fine, even if my jumps are not as consistent as I would want them to be. I will try to get in my best shape jump by jump. That's how I did it last season and it worked well."