Denis Kornilov and Ksenia Kablukova Russian champions

Denis Kornilov and Ksenia Kablukova claimed the titles at the Russian Ski Jumping championships on the normal hill in Chaikovsky.

Denis Kornilov dominated the men's competition on Wednesday. The 30-year-old showed jumps of 101 m and 99 m on the HS 106 and won with a total of 250.5 points. The second place went to Ilmir Hazetdinov with 98.5 m and 97 m and 238.0 points, Roman Trofimov followed in third with two jumps of 98 m and 236.0 points.

Dimitry Vassiliev was third after the first round with 98.5 m, but with only 95 m in the final (232.5 points) he finished fourth overall. Alexey Romashov and Vladislav Boyarintsev tied for fifth with 231.0 points.

For the first time in her career Ksenia Kablukova won the ladies' title with 86.5 m and 92 m (198.0 points). The second and third place went to Alexandra Kustova (84 m and 92 m; 193.0 points) and Sofia Tikhonova (85.5 m and 88.5 m; 189.5 points).

The team of Moscow (Alexandra Barantseva, Alexandra Kustova, Ilmir Hazetdinov, Dimitry Vassiliev) won the mixed team competition on Thursday with 380.5 points, ahead of St. Petersburg (Sofia Tikhonova, Lidia Yakovleva, Vladislav Boyarintsev, Alexey Romashov; 336.0 points) and Perm (Anastasia Barannikova, Ksenia Kablukova, Vladislav Skachilov, Egor Usachev; 328.0 points).

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