EYOF-Gold to Timi Zajc and Romane Dieu

The two individual Ski Jumping competitions of the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) 2017 in Erzurum were held on Tuesday and the teams of Slovenia and France took home all the medals.

In the men's competition Timi Zajc was the best athlete in both rounds and won the gold medal for Slovenia. The 16-year-old from Ljubno showed jumps of 107 m and 100 m on the HS 109 and scored a total of 261.3 points.

The second and third place went to young ski jumpers of France. Jonathan Learoyd jumped on 101.5 m and 98 m and won silver with 246.4 points. His teammate Mathis Contamine took the bronze medal with 96 m and 97 m and 240.7 points.

Muhammed Ali Bedir finished fourth and achieved a top result for the hosting team of Turkey. With Tomi Jovan and Lovro Vodusek the places fifth and sixth went to Slovenia.

Mico Ahonen, son of the Finnish Ski Jumping legend Janne Ahonen, is also competing in Erzurum. The 15-year-old came in 17th. 

Also in the ladies' event the Top 3 came from Slovenia and France, but in this competition in a different order.

Romane Dieu of France jumped on 95 m and 96.5 m and took the win with 223.7 points. She was followed by athletes of Slovenia in second and third. Nika Kriznar, with 99.5 m in the lead after the first round, finished second with 98.5 m in the final and 211.8 points. Katra Komar won the bronze medal with 94 m and 90 m (204.1 points).

With Jerneja Brecl also the fourth place went to the strong Slovenian team, Russia's Lidia Iakovleva and Aleksandra Barantceva were fifth and sixth.

Results Men
Results Ladies

Photo: EYOF Erzurum 2017