Every year the „Svenska Skidspelen“ take place around Lugnet with competitions in the Nordic disciplines. With the Swedish ski games they wanted to follow the tournaments at Holmenkollen (since 1898) and Lahti (since 1923). In 1947 they took place for a first time at Sundsvall, later they moved to Falun. 

Both ski jumps at Lugnet were built for the Ski WSC 1974, the last profound conversion was before the WSC in 1993 and now both jumps even have a porcelain inrun trail. But people’s interest in ski jumping declined and for some years there haven’t been World Cup competitions at Riksskidstadion anymore.

For the Nordic WSC in 2015 in Falun, the whole ski stadium will be rebuild. Additionally new junior jumping hills K60, K35, K15 and K10 shall be constructed for about 1.7  million Euro. The works on the ski jumps for modernization and conversion into a K120 (HS 134) and K95 (HS 105) started in summer 2012.