Finnish men's national team with four athletes

Veteran Janne Ahonen, Ville Larinto, Jarkko Maeaettae and Antti Aalto were named to the Finnish Ski Jumping national team for the 2017/18 season.

Together with these four athletes, Lauri Asikainen, Janne Korhonen, Andreas Alamommo, Niko Kytoesaho and Eetu Nousiainen will be in the training group A of head coach Andreas Mitter and his assistant Lauri Hakola.

"We will have a group of nine jumpers we will be working with over the summer. It's good to have a bigger group, so the athletes can challenge and push each other. Janne Ahonen will continue to train independent from the team, but we will be in touch constantly and he will also participate in our training camps in Finland", Andreas MitterĀ said in an interview on the website of the Finnish Ski Association.

For the Austrian it's now mainly about laying the foundation for a successful winter, the results in the summer competitions over the next couple of months are not a priority for him. "During summer we will focus on the technique and the physical aspects. We still have a lot of work to do. It's good to have competitions, but the main focus is on the training."

The only athlete on the ladies' national team for the Olympic winter is Julia Kykkaenen.

Finnish teams for 2017/18


National team : Janne Ahonen, Antti Aalto, Ville Larinto, Jarkko Maeaettae

A-Team: Janne Korhonen, Andreas Alamommo, Lauri Asikainen, Niko Kytoesaho, Eetu Nousiainen

Challenger: Mico Ahonen, Kalle Heikkinen, Henri Kavilo, Wili Loukasmaeki, Niko Loeytaeinen, Juho Ojala, Arttu Pohjola, Frans Taehkaevuori, Jonne Vetelaeinen, Markus Virrantalo, Elias Vaenskae


National team: Julia Kykkaenen