FIS Sub-Committee confirms changes

The annual fall meetings of the various committees of the International Ski Federation FIS were held in Zurich (SUI) this week. In the meeting of the Sub-Committee for Ski Jumping Equipment and Development the changes, which were tested during this summer, were analyzed.

Bertil Palsrud is a member of the FIS Ski Jumping Committee and for more than ten years he is also the chairman of the Sub-Committee for Equipment and Development. In this position, the Norwegian chaired the annual meeting of the committee on Friday morning. After this meeting, that lasted for less than an hour, Palsrud drew a positive conclusion.

Bertil Palsrud: "Interest and the engagement of the committee members is very high, especially concerning the equipment and the equipment control. We made a few changes in June, and these changes proved to be successful during this summer's Grand Prix season. We, as a committee, got positive feedback from the controllers and the athletes.

In today's meeting we analyzed the changes we made. All points were approved unanimously by all the nations and that's why the meeting was that short."

The following points were confirmed in Zurich:

- The waist band in the suits has a tolerance of 0
- There will be no plumbing of the suits anymore
- Only two-piece underwear is allowed, the pants have to end above the knee
- The thickness of the underwear must not exceed 3 mm. A maximum of 5 mm is allowed at seams and overlaps
- There can be a zipper at the center of the front of the shirt. If a back protector in the shirt is used, then there has to be a zipper
- For ladies' jumping suits the side parts 4, 7, 9 and 10 (official illustration "suit ladies") must have a with of at least 5 cm