Geiger, Stoch and Stjernen ahead in training

The ski jumpers of Germany, Norway, and Poland once again presented themselves in the best shape in the second official training session on the large hill in PyeongChang (KOR).

The best jump in the first training round on Thursday evening was shown by Karl Geiger of Germany with 135.5 m. Kamil Stoch of Poland and Geiger's teammate Richard Freitag followed with jumps of 132.5 m, but they started two gates lower.

In absence of Robert Johansson and Johann Andre Forfang, who didn't jump today after the excellent performances in Wednesday's training session, Daniel Andre Tande was the best of the Norwegians in fourth with 128.5 m.

Germany's Stephan Leyhe had the longest jump in this round with 139 m, but the jury had decided to move the gate down various times after his jump.

Kamil Stoch, the double Olympic champion from Sochi 2014, posted the longest in the second training round with 139.5 m. Richard Freitag of Germany (134.5 m) and Norway's Andreas Stjernen (133.5 m) followed in second and third. Behind Karl Geiger (133.5 m), Japanese veteran Noriaki Kasai, who started from a higher gate than the jumpers placed ahead of him, was fifth with 138 m.

Michael Hayboeck of Austria (135 m) and Poland's Dawid Kubacki (133.5 m) were not too far behind the top in this round. 

Andreas Stjernen then showed the best performance in the final round with 136 m, Karl Geiger jumped on the exact same distance. Dawid Kubacki, who jumped on 135 m and did very well in every round today with the places five, seven and three, came in right behind the Top 2. Daniel Andre Tande had a final jump of 134.5 m this evening and was fourth, followed by the Germans Richard Freitag (131.5 m), Markus Eisenbichler (131.5 m) and Andreas Wellinger (132 m).

After his strong jumps in the previous rounds, Kamil Stoch skipped this third training round. 

The Olympic program continues for the ski jumpers on Friday with the qualification at 9:30 pm (1:30 pm CET), the individual competition on the large hill will take place on Saturday at the same time.  

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