German junior ladies on top

Germany is new Junior Team World Champion in Ladies Ski Jumping. Agnes Reisch, Luisa Goerlich, Pauline Hessler and Gianina Ernst made 772,1 points and took the title ahead of Slovenia and Austria.

Reisch with longest jump
With outstanding jumps to 95,0 and 90,5 meters Agnes Reisch and Pauline Hessler played a main role for the German success. Gianina Ernst performed steadily with her longest jump to 87,5 meters in the first round. Luisa Goerlich improved after her first jump to only 75,0 meters and jumps seven meters longer in the final.

Klinec and Kriznar outstanding
Slovenia with Ema Klinec and Nika Kriznar, who finished second and third in the individual competition, and only 16-year old Jerneja Brecl and Katra Komar took 733,2 points and place two. Ema Klinec and Nika Kriznar took over responsibility as the most experienced athletes of their team and scored the most points of all competitors. Kriznar performed the longest jump of her team to 92,5 meters.

Austria ahead of Norway
The Austrian team with Claudia Purker, Sophie Mair, Elisabeth Raudaschl and Julia Huber stayed clearly behind Slovenia with 672,9 points on third place. The first Austria jump of Claudia Purker also was the longest with 92,0 meters. A steady performance of the whole team saved a well-deserved medal for the Austrians. Norway missed out on the podium by 28,6 points and finished fourth ahead of Japan and Canada. Russia and the United States just made it to the final round and finished 7th and 8th. The Swedish team could not qualify for the second round.

Official result