Glasder and Hendrickson secure tickets to the Olympics

Michael Glasder and Sarah Hendrickson secured the first two spots on the US Ski Jumping team for the Winter Games in PyeongChang at the US Olympic Trials in Park City on Sunday.

In front of over 7000 fans in the Utah Olympic Park, Michael Glasder already had a close lead after the first round with a jump of 98.5 m, the 28-year-old then took the win in this close competition with a 98 m jump in the final and 270.0 points.

"Everyone was pumped up, anyone on our team could have won. I was the lucky one. I was relaxed, feeling good and feeling that my technique was heading in the right direction. I'm looking to build on this heading to the Olympics", Michael Glasder is quoted on

The second place went to Kevin Bickner, with 98.5 m and the longest jump of the day on 100 m and 268.6 points. Will Rhoads, who jumped on 95.5 m and 97 m and scored 256.6 points, came in third.

Sarah Hendrickson celebrated a clear win in the ladies' competition with 97.5 m and 93.5 m and 263.4 points. The second and third place went to Abby Ringquist (96 m and 91.5 m; 248.1 points) and Nita Englund (95 m and 96 m; 238.9 points).

"We had five girls who could have won today - it was anybody’s game. But you can’t control what the others are doing. It was a difficult field today and I’m just glad I could compete today because four years ago I couldn’t", said Sarah Hendrickson, who has been struggling with injuries over the past few years.

Results men
Results ladies

Photo: facebook /USA Nordic