Good news from Kornilov and Ito

Good news came from Russia's Denis Kornilov today after his crash during the Ski Jumping World Cup in Wisla on Saturday. Everything is okay, despite the black eyes.

At first, it was suspected that Denis Kornilov sustained a partially fractured nose, but after further checks in the Medical Clinic Podhale in Waksmund near Nowy Targ, only a slight, congenital deviation of the nasal septum was diagnosed. This means that Kornilov will be able to return to the World Cup soon.

And it's probably typical for the Ski Jumping-mad Poland, that the clinic and the doctor Roman Glowacki spontaneously offered to surgically correct the deviation of Kornilov's nasal septum after the season, free of charge, of course :-) The contact between Kornilov and clinic was established by Rafal Kot, former physical therapist of the Polish team and father of ski jumper Maciej Kot. It's a small Ski Jumping world ...

Good news also came from Daiki Ito of Japan, who fell on Sunday. Similar to Kornilov, the 32-year-old, who won four World Cup competitions so far, suffered some visible minor injuries to his face but no fractures. Due to pain in his shoulder, Daiki Ito will return home to Japan for two weeks and therefore miss the World Cup events in Ruka and Nizhny Tagil. He plans to make his comeback in Titisee-Neustadt (December 9th and 10th).