Gregor Schlierenzauer sustains knee injury

Gregor Schlierenzauer suffered a knee injury during a training camp in Ramsau (AUT) and will therefore not be able to compete in the World Cup opener in Wisla (POL) mid-November.

The 27-year-old Austrian, who was sidelined with knee injuries twice recently, fell during a training session on a special test inrun track and complained about pain in his right knee afterwards. An MRT examination then showed an injury of the collateral ligament.

"The images showed that Gregor suffered a partial tear of the medial collateral ligament. In addition, there was bleeding into the thigh muscle. What's positive, is the fact that the ACL is undamaged and the knee remained stable. That's why we decided to treat the injury conservatively with a splint and physical therapy", Dr. Wulf Gloetzer is quoted in a media release of the Austrian Ski Association. 

Time for comeback unclear

Gregor Schlierenzauer will now definitely miss the first competitions of the new season. Currently, it's still unclear how long he will be sidelined now. "Of course it's a shame that something like this happens right before the start of the season, but I'll be able to handle it and continue to go my own way. I will not stress myself with a return to the World Cup. You have to accept the setbacks and continue to move forward. Like already in spring I will make good use of this time and I'm already looking forward to jumping again soon."