4-Hills-Tournament already over for Severin Freund

For Severin Freund, who was recently struggling with his shape after a long break due to injury in summer, the 4-Hills-Tournament ended after Tuesday's qualification in Innsbruck.

According to the German Ski Association (DSV) the 28-year-old is suffering from an influenza infection.

"Severin already showed signs of a beginning influenza infection yesterday morning. Unfortunately his condition got worse at the hill in Innsbruck so I ordered him to not compete and suggested that he should leave the team hotel. Elite sports on this level makes no sense under these conditions", team doctor Mark Dorfmueller explained on the website of the DSV.

"I felt worse in every jump yesterday and so I got checked by our team doctor in the hotel. He diagnosed an influenza infection and ordered me to take a break. It's the first time ever that I end a 4-Hills-Tournament early. This is hard, but there are still many things to win this season so it would not be smart to not listen to you own body", said Severin Freund.

Hayboeck sick as well

Michael Hayboeck will also not be competing on Wednesday afternoon The Austrian got sick as well. "Michael is suffering from an influenza infection, along with a stomach flu. Unfortunately his good condition does not allow him to compete today. But we are confident, that he will be able to participate in Bischofshofen", said the Austrian team doctor Peter Baumgartl.