Jakub Janda - From the Ski Jumping hill to the Czech parliament

Actually, Jakub Janda, 39-year-old ski jumper from the Czech Republic, has already packed the bags for the upcoming winter. The 2006 overall World Cup champion and 4-Hills-Tournament winner wanted to continue his Ski Jumping career for one more season.

But from October 21st, 2017, Janda is now a member of the Czech parliament, the first parliamentary session for Jakub Janda will be on November 20th, 2017.

In the election mid-October, Janda was a candidate of the Občanská Demokratická Strana (ODS), the Civic Democratic Party, to gain one of the 200 seats in the parliament of the Czech Republic. As fourth on the regional ticket, Janda was elected with so-called preference votes. To use the terms of a ski jumper: It was a very long jump with high judges marks.

Janda will still travel to Poland and participate in the World Cup opener of the ski jumpers in Wisla from November 17th to 19th. There he plans to announce his retirement from Ski Jumping. Right on the next day, Jakub Janda will start his new career as a representative of the Czech people in his home country's parliament.


We spoke to Jakub Janda after the election

FIS Ski Jumping: When will you start your new job as a member of the parliament and for how long are you elected?

Jakub Janda: The legislative period starts on October 21st, 2017. An election period in the Czech Republic is four years, if there are no unplanned reelections. The first session of the parliament will be on November 20th, one day after the World Cup opener in Wisla.

FIS Ski Jumping: You were fourth on the regional ticket of the ODS party and were voted in as second, right?

Janda: Yes, that's right. I was fourth on the ticket of the ODS in my region, resp. my electoral district. I was voted into the parliament on the second position with preference votes. The counting of the votes and the waiting after the election as very exciting. My party only got two seats in my region due to the preference votes, only 269 votes were decisive at the end. And the result was not clear until almost all the votes were counted, also those in the other regions. 

FIS Ski Jumping: What is your electoral district?

Janda: It is Moravskoslezský Kraj, that's where my hometown Frenstat p.R. is and where I live.

FIS Ski Jumping: How surprised were you when the election was over and you were in?

Janda: I was very surprised, especially about the result of our party, which was important for my election. I was getting ready for the winter season with the Olympic Games as the highlight and I was training for it since this spring. But I'm already involved in regional politics for nine years now.

FIS Ski Jumping: Did you run a real campaign?

Janda: Yes, I had a team who ran a campaign for me, but with a very limited budget. I was focusing on the training and the preparation for the winter and I also competed in the Summer Grand Prix.

FIS Ski Jumping: Now we will see you as a ski jumper one last time in Wisla?

Janda: Yes, that's life. Wisla will be my last competition as a ski jumper. But I will definitely stay involved in Ski Jumping, my son is already jumping and my nephew is a junior athlete.

FIS Ski Jumping: What will you be focusing on in the parliament?

Janda: My main focus will be the sport. I also want to reduce bureaucracy so the people can live their lives without unnecessary administration.