Kamil Stoch also leads the prize money ranking

Kamil Stoch dominated the 2017/18 FIS Ski Jumping World Cup season and the Pole is also ahead in the prize money standings of this past winter.

The 30-year-old, who achieved a total of 19 podium finishes in the World Cup and took ten wins, won a prize money of CHF 178.000,-.

Kamil Stoch also earned some extra money for winning all of the special rankings last season. These were CHF 20.000,- for winning the 4-Hills-Tournament; € 25.000,- for the Willingen Five, € 60.000,- for the RAW AIR and CHF 20.000,- for the Planica 7.

This adds up to a total prize money of about € 272.000,- for Kamil Stoch this winter.

With a World Cup prize money of CHF 148.000,- resp. CHF 135.750,-, the two Norwegians Daniel Andre Tande and Johann Andre Forfang follow in second and third in the prize money standings 2017/18. A total of 74 ski jumpers were awarded prize money last winter.

Prize money standings 2017/18