Kraft and Wellinger in top shape also in PyeongChang

Before the official training and the qualification on the large hill, the ski jumpers had the chance to also test the normal hill in PyeongChang.

In the first of three training rounds on the HS 109, Andreas Stjernen of Norway and Germany's Andreas Wellinger had the longest jumps with 106 m and 105 m.

After 103.5 m in the first round, Austrian Stefan Kraft was then the best in the second round. Andreas Wellinger, who presents himself in a top shape also in Korea, and Roman Koudelka and Jakub Janda of the Czech Republic came closest to Kraft with their 103 m and 102.5 m jumps. Wellinger's teammates Andreas Wank and Karl Geiger were strong as well with 102 m.

Stefan Kraft and Roman Koudelka then decided to skip the third jump after their strong performances earlier. Andreas Wellinger (106.5 m) and the two Japanese athletes Taku Takeuchi (105 m) and Kento Sakuyama (104 m) left the best impression in the third round.

Also Stephan Leyhe, who is replacing Markus Eisenbichler on the German team in PyeongChang, seems to be doing really well on this hill with jumps of 101 m and 102 m in the two final rounds of this training session.

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