Nizhniy Tagil

Nizhniy Tagil is one of the most important training centers of the country for Russian ski jumpers and Nordic combined athletes. In 1970 the skiing center with five ski jumping hills at “Long Mountain” (K110, K90, K40, K20, K10) was constructed. In the frame of the Russian sports infrastructure and culture program the renovation of the “stork” ski jumping facility started in 2009.

Beside the construction of four ski jumps K120, K90, K60 and K40 with plastic covering and floodlights, stands for 2,000 spectators, ski lifts, a cross-country skiing stadium and trails, as well as a sports hotel were built for a total of around 2 billion Rubels (50m Euro), in order to provide Russian athletes a perfect preparation for the Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi.

In fall 2012 the ski jumping hills were almost completed, but the SKI-LINE inrun tracks still had to be installed in December 2012. The opening and first jumps were held on December 26, 2012.