Noriaki Kasai Japanese Ski Jumping champion

Ski Jumping legend Noriaki Kasai took the title in the Japanese large hill championships on Sunday in Sapporo.

The 45-year-old veteran jumped on 130.5 m and 134 m on his home hill and won with a total of 276.1 points. “I’m really happy. I’m confident in myself again. I’m improving as I expected. I’m excited now", Noriaki Kasai is quoted on the website of the Japan Times.

The second and third place went to the Kobayashi brothers. Junshiro Kobayashi, who was in the lead ahead of Noriaki Kasai after his first jump on 132.5 m, finished second overall with 125 m in the final and 261.0 points. His younger brother Ryoyu came in third with 121.5 m and 123.5 m and 234.0 points.

Taku Takeuchi was fourth, close behind the Top 3, followed by Daiki Ito, who was third after the first half of the competition, and Hiroaki Watanabe.

The Japanese team for the upcoming World Cups was already named before this competition. Noriaki Kasai, Daiki Ito, Junshiro Kobayaashi, Ryoyu Kobayashi and Taku Takeuchi will compete in the first period of the 2017/18 season.

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Photo: (c) Stian Andre Skinnes